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Forms Features that our users are fascinated by
1 Click Forms Creating Contact Forms in 1 click. NO programming, NO HTML required. Simple to use with any page, site, blog or cms, with easy to configure auto responders, thanks URL redirects and SMS notifications. Stored Submits Every submission is stored on our servers forever. You can easy find or export every old message. Control Panel Email-like control panel for all your submissions: read, reply, send mass mail, view reports and much more! Reports Track Your forms stats in real time.
Team account Multiple users under same account. Perfect for companies and teams. Email Marketing Tools for sending mass mail to all visitors who submitted your Contact or other Form(s). Custom Style Change color and layout of your forms easy. Spam Free ZERO spam! Captcha system protects every form, 100% spam free Forms.

Free Contact Forms in Cloud

Why to put Contact Forms in Cloud ?

Today, everything what can be placed in clooud is placed there. It is much more efficient, low cost for you or your company, safe, easy to use and simple.

How to Create New Contact Form?

Just click New Contact Form, and copy paste Your html contact form code that You get into your site, blog, FaceBook account, classifieds, anywhere.

How to use templates to create free contact form

Free Contact Forms Samples

Our Free Contact Form sampes

Take a look at more Form samples , and check FAQ to see how easy and fun is to use Cloud Contact Forms.

What is Hosted Free Contact Form

That is your Contact or some other form hosted on our servers. On that way you are sure that your forms are 100% of time online, don't need to take care about spammers (all forms are with captcha), you have modern ajax powered forms, and you are collecting all respond from all your forms on same place. Forever.

When we say forms in cloud, we mean on your contact forms, hosted on our servers, totally free for you, and transparent for your users. They can always safely submit informations and you can be sure that you will received that info without any spam.

Online Form Creating Simplicity

Using Cloud Contact Forms is simplest possible way to create and publish contact and other forms, on your web site, blog or anywhere else. We spend a lot of time to make application that is intuitive and simple to use for anybody: beginner or professional.

Standard template Contact Form

Cloud Contact Forms advantages

  • 1 click contact forms creating (No programming), best contact form generator ever seen.
  • All messages stored (from one or more places) on same place.
  • All message are Forwarded to email or more e-mail address.
  • single click integration contact forms in blogs, web sites, facebook, tweeter, classifieds, anywhere...
  • SMS notification for selected form submissions.
  • Mass mail visitors who submitted forms.
  • Unique Control Panel where all your forms and response are stored forever.
  • Nice and Simple contact forms.
  • Better than any contact form script or other solutions that you need to make changes to source code.
  • All our contact forms are AJAX powered forms.
  • All our forms are with captcha that ensure ZERO spam tolerance!
  • Blog contact form, Wordpress, CMS contact form, no matter, our form can be used anywhere because we are provifing 5 ways to include or link to our forms.
  • Perfect for creating mailing list for own blog or site.


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No more copy/pasting code, having multiple email for various contacts, orders or feedback, just one place where all data from all your sites, pages, blogs, CMS going to.

You are not limited only to contact forms, also you can create many other types of web forms, in predefined templates made to easy pick and create appropriate form. For more info look at some form samples and help / screenshots from Cloud Contact Forms.

Look at Our packages, and find best for Your needs or sign for free account.

What Cloud Contact Forms can be used for

With Cloud Contact Forms web application You can create forms, respond directly to visitors who submit, generate reports on traffic and usage of your forms, send mass mail to visitors who submitted your forms, or mass mailing all visitors who submitted all your forms, gather various kind of data, make your site or blog much more efficient than ever before. You can add team members to use your account, so your users or visitors will always have fast response from you.

Look and Feel of Cloud Contact Forms web app for creating forms and managing feedback from all your forms