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Jul 02, 2011- New Site and GUI

We are working hard to finish new site and what is more important Cloud Contact Forms application GUI design. If you expirience any visual problems when using our application during next 15 days, please be patient. Thanks.

Jun 11, 2011- Introducing new payment option soon

We hope that we will finish adding new payment option (MoneyBookers) very soon. There is certain number of users who asked this questions, and we hope that very soon paying will be posible with MB too. For now use PayPal and CCs.

Jun 09, 2011- Introducing some new Form creation tools

In next few weeks we are finishing new form creating tool. Due to large number of users we will not remove old form creation tool, since many of you are so familiar with existing form creating tool in one window, so we decided to add new and don't touch old, so You will decide yourself which one want to use in future. Probably we will leave both (not to remove old 1-click form creating wizard)

Jun 06, 2011- Small problems with reports

We decided to impove Forms reports, and working on this, so if You expirience some incorect stats about Your forms don't warry this will be fixed and improved in next 15 days, and You will see some beautiful new Forms Stats with much more info than before.

May 12, 2011- Migration to new domain

Migration on new domain is finished. Message to all users is sent with info about this, it nothing changes for you just change URL in Your bookmarks.