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Our Contact Forms Creator is made to be imply and intuitive for any user, with implemented form templates, so anybody can make contact form or other form in less than 3 seconds, and publish on site, blog, forum or anwhere else. Here are some sampes of predefinded forms (forms from template), which you can create in 1 second from template, and you can make any other custom forms using our tool for creating forms.

Look at samples of forms created from template in second with Cloud Contact Forms free platform: Contact Form sample, Mailing List Form sample, Submit Site(URL) Form sample, Feedback Form sample and Collect Business Data Form sample.

Samples Of our Contact, leave Feedbac, Submit Site, Gather Business data forms.


Contact Form

Simple and useful contact form, made from template, with no line of code. Easy to intgrate in any blog platform, site, classifieds, forum, etc. This contact form, and all other Cloud Contact Forms are intgrated by choosing one of 4 ways to integrate: text link, button, whole form embed into desired page, or floating button in down-right corner of screen. All you need is to copy and paste Your code on place where you want to your contact form.

Every contact form also have

  • captcha spam protection
  • autoresponder
  • auto notify
  • custom redirect after submit (known as "thank you page")
  • SMS notification (for very important forms)
  • custom colors

Mailing list form

Many blogers and webmasters, waste their traffic. Don't be one of them! Use Mailing List contact form to collect and manage emails from Your visitors. Than you can easy use our intgrated mass mail tool to send message to all members of the group (all people who submited using same form, for more different, sites, or for more different task inside same site, you can use separate forms, so you can collect and keep in touch with all your visitors.) This is one of powerfull options ati Cloud Contact Forms platform.

Submit site form

If You Need to collect visitors site(URL) submissions for some purpose? Nothing easier, use our "Submit Site" form template, 1 click and your form is created , live and ready to collect submissions (urls).


Feedback form

Other type of wasting traffic is bad communication with customers / visitors, avoid that, in just 3 seconds you will have own feedbac form that collects all user questions and suggestions, form which can auto answer to user who submited, and on your side, you will have forwarded copy in your mail box, and stored forever in your Cloud Contact Forms control panel, where you can easy search and manage all your submissions.

Collect business data (from partners/ site visitors)

Want to collect business data from your partners or potential partners on your website or your classified? This is greatest, fastest and safest way to do that.


Other Forms

Those are just some samples of form that you can create, host , publish and use in less than 3 seconds. You can create any type of form, just open our free account and play with CREATE FORM tool